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Monday, April 4, 2016

Is Co-Dependency a theme in your Script?

Many people struggle with co-dependency. Sure, we can blame co-dependent traits on our upbringing. We can point the finger at our parents, our siblings, our friends, our co-workers. It is acceptable to find the origin of this condition; however, it is up to the person dealing with co-dependency to figure out how to avoid certain learned actions. Codependency can deplete our energy, steal our time and rob us of our future. It is a fairly new problem once disguised as a coping mechanism for substance and alcohol abuse. Research has shown many people from all walks of life struggle with codependency.

There are people willing to accept supporting cast treatment. They become second nature, second class citizens with no shot at increasing their stock. Forget about climbing up the ladder to stardom, because co-dependent relationships resort to give and take. Co-dependent people fall down the ladder, self-sabotaging their lives to save another person who is unsalvageable. As a result of this poor treatment, abusers and users move on to the next vulnerable prey. It is a vicious cycle that takes identifying the problem (codependency) in order to seek proper treatment.  

Co-dependency is a sad way to live life. These people need constant reassurance to know they matter. They mine for compliments, relying on acceptance to continue on. In abusive relationships, the abuser knows how to take advantage of their partner. Their use of evil tactics can/will sabotage the future of a co-dependent person. The goal of a taker is to advance their needs and desires without taking accountability for their personal actions, their destructive treatment. In the end, co-dependent people are left feeling bitter and worthless. By this time, it may be too late to redeem lost time, money and dreams.  

Screenwriters dealing with co-dependent people can research what is co-dependency and how people develop this condition. It is likely that people struggling with this condition have no idea they keep getting into unstable relationships to avoid loneliness. Want to talk about self-sabotaging; this is the worst kind of self-sabotage where people with talent and drive are held back by their partners.

Feeling a need to please needy, immature people keep co-dependent people from achieving success. Co-dependency represents an imbalance, an impossible hurdle to overcome unless the co-dependent person takes action to salvage their life. These types of relationships have little to no future, usually the taker getting tired after there is no more blood to suck from the lifeless force.

Why keep accepting this abuse? Change your ways today to reconfigure your life. Achieve the accomplishments and goals you desire most. 

If you want to make a statement in your film, write about a co-dependent person. These are one of the most depressing relationships because constant setbacks of co-dependent people involve the other person. That "other person' takes advantage of the good nature of their partner as a way to survive until they find a better situation. Meanwhile, co-dependent people are left trying to figure out what went wrong with their failed relationships and how to pick up the pieces to their lost lives.  

Screenwriting and book writing on this co-dependency subject matter could attract a large audience. If co-dependency is part of the equation, moviegoers will rethink their relationships. They may stop feeding those with problems (drugs, alcohol, etc), instead choosing to help them seek treatment. Movies hold the power to inform people, as watching a plot unfold in a theater will attract attention and interest. 

Educate yourself on co-dependency. Sit in groups and listen to co-dependent people discuss their failed relationships, failed dreams, failed lives. Read books on co-dependency. Shape your character to convey the struggles in living as a co-dependent to an abuser, to a vice-driven person, to a person with an unresolved mental disorder, to a selfish person focused on their career path and fun, to excuse makers unwilling to invest energy into their future. 

Calling on screenwriters to shine light on co-dependency in their future screenplays. Happy Screenwriting! 

Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals. Any article viewed on this website is based on personal opinion. Seek proper treatment for any health issues.

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