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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Most Screenwriters quit

Great screenwriters are hard to find. However, there are seasoned screenwriters who give up after years of struggling to make ends meet. Screenwriters are getting smarter; they are now shifting to more lucrative alternatives such as becoming television writers to receive steady paychecks.

Catch 22 of television writing is that you must live in Los Angeles in the beginning. In the film world, screenwriting is no easy task to attain. Life will hold you back, dealing writers a blow to your confidence. Why do most screenwriters quit their dream?

Screenwriting is a craft, an art that requires some talent, good storytelling, and film connections. A good screenplay is only a part of the equation. Thousands of screenplays arrive on Hollywood studio floors yearly, but only a few hundred are optioned yearly and a small percentage of these scripts are made into movies. No options mean no pay. Can you afford to wait for an option?

Life gets in the way. We must survive. We have bills to pay. Our work schedules and low salary/hourly pay can block screenwriting success. Screenwriting requires day-job hours to finetune the plot, build character development and complete feature-length scripts in their entirety. Even after all that effort, revision-after-revision is necessary to make script adjustments. How can we concentrate on screenwriting if we can't pay our bills, eat a healthy meal, and maintain our health? That is a widespread challenge we must all deal with day-in, day-out.

Screenwriters quit for reasons beyond their control. It is not easy to succeed as a screenwriter. Our family, our friends, and strangers will tell us to stay away from this industry. They view screenwriting as an impossible dream, a Hollywood American Dream that will waste our future. We are judged on our writing inabilities before we can't share our writing portfolios.

Imagine completing a screenplay and selling this off to a studio to be developed. That is the dream you strive for as a screenwriter. Conflict and resolution lead every screenplay. Mostly all stories begin with some sort of conflict, and then we root for our protagonists to resolve these obstacles/challenges.

Money can make/break our screenwriting dream. If we make enough money, we get complacent. If we struggle to make a living, we procrastinate on screenwriting. It is common for screenwriters to lose focus, to postpone screenwriting until life gets better. The truth is that delaying screenwriting will push this dream to the brink of extinction. As screenwriters, you must keep writing and do this often enough that it becomes a routine part of your daily operations.

Most screenwriters quit chasing the dream to make a living. Student loans, rent, credit cards, food, children, and other challenges may block screenwriting. Furthermore, significant others and family members could criticize this screenwriting dream to the point in which screenwriters eventually abandon their quest to option a spec script. Financial instability is a dream crusher.

Screenwriters realize screenwriting is self-destructing their marriage/relationships. It takes two people to make a living. This person may grow apart from your screenwriting dream. When there are no results to report, these people lose interest in your illusion.

Patience and perseverance determine the fate of successful screenwriters. If you quit, you may miss out on a potential opportunity to write that prized script. Surround yourself with positive people, not toxic people who make negative comments to sabotage your future success.

Of course, we have to be realistic. It makes sense to reevaluate our past to pave the future. If screenwriting is not working out, you may need to find a reliable job to make a living. This doesn't mean you have to give up on the fight to write movies. Screenplay writing takes discipline, passion and good time management. Possessing these traits could improve your shot at reaching the coveted screenwriting dream.

Please don't give up on screenwriting. We need inspiration to motivate people. There are too many unhappy people who need guidance to share their talents. Without your screenplays, we face an uncertain future filled with disappointment. A powerful movie can make a huge difference.

Most screenwriters quit after constant rejections. Remember, failure is a part of screenwriting. It is a mainstay of the film industry, where most film dreamers understand the dark journey that await them. Don't let this discourage you from completing a screenplay. Don't quit screenwriting! Keep writing!

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