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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jack Ma take on why people fail to live their dreams

Dreams are essential to sleep at night. Day dreams are what we chase in our waking life. In an article posted on by Zach Ho, Jack Ma, founder and CEO of China-based powerhouse Alibaba Group, shared 4 reasons people fail at waking dreams. First and foremost, Ma pointed to lacking ambition as the central force in blocking success.

We live to dream. We dream to live. We chase what we can and can't have. It makes running after the dream worthwhile, pertinent to our lifelong desire to reach magical destinations. Some people reach faster than others, others may never reach at all. Ambition plays a huge role in success.

Risk takers go after the gold. Those people who play it safe with following job security may struggle to make ends meet. They wake up each morning regretting the past choices/decisions they made, blaming their current predicament on failure. Most certainly, the reasons that restrict life are found in Jack Ma's belief system on why people don't accomplish success.

We must surround ourselves with positive people who think like us. We can't keep wasting time hanging out with toxic people who are unable to guide us into that dream land. Failure makes us stronger, but accepting failure in life is an excuse to be lazy.

Jack Ma net worth is currently $22.5 billion. The moment Alibaba Group went IPO, Jack Ma delivered mega results. His huge risk took shape in the late 90's, but recently delivered a huge return on investment. Jack definitely knows a thing or two about success.

Check out this article to view the 4 reasons Jack Ma believes people miss out on life here.

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