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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Horror Movies Coming Soon

Hollywood horror movies are losing their appeal. Jump scares, cheesy concepts and recurring themes injected in paranormal/supernatural movies make watching horror movies a yawn fest.

When did horror fans lose interest in horror films? The last time we enjoyed watching a horror movie is when The Conjuring dominated the opening weekend a few years ago. However, Hollywood ignored releasing horror movies on Friday the 13th three times last year. 

Third installment of Insidious and Paranormal Activity 5 each failed miserably to capture our attention. For the most part, horror movie remakes such as The Poltergeist, Evil Dead and Halloween gutted our interest, sending our attention span on a freefall dive into oblivion.  

Will 2016 reclaim the horror genre? The Forest is the first test. The Boy is another Annabelle-type movie awaiting release in 2016. Lastly, The Conjuring sequel is a guaranteed shoe-in to make a fortune in the movie box office. 

Check out the following movie website for upcoming horror movies awaiting 2016 release dates. 

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