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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why Screenwriters must write original work

We located an article that details another writer's influence on a screenwriter, the creator behind True Crime. However, the dialogue written for a major character in this show is mentioned as borderline plagiarism and/or borrowing of ideas.

In the literary world, recycling ideas and phrases without properly crediting the original author may create unwanted attention. It's not about citations and sourcing ideas and phrases, the theme of this discussion pertains to whether a writer is taking credit for this work: making money and seeking fame from producing it.

As a screenwriter, pay special attention to how you write visuals and dialogue. Nothing in life is original, unless we do something that never has been done before and say it's original (pun intended).

Read the article below and make an honest assessment whether this is plagiarism or not:

Also check out Shia LaBeouf in his plagiarism case: 

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