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Monday, August 25, 2014

Know your characters

Great screenwriting is building realistic characters that walk and talk like real life people. Your experience as a human is valuable to write characters that people can relate to and understand. Infusing scripts with these unique characters make watching movies refreshing and memorable. 

How can beginning screenwriters construct these genuine characters? Survey people in a library, at school and at public places. Take notes on nonverbal communication, movement, and gestures. This is a popular sociology tool to learn social interaction. Next, concentrate on writing visual scenes and withhold any dialogue to gain insight on good visual acuity. Lastly, practice writing only dialogue. 

Use the notes taken from surveying people and fill in the details with imaginative dialogue, storytelling, and movements. Nonetheless, continue writing movie scripts based on imaginary situations connected to your real life. What is unique to you that is most interesting? 

Happy screenwriting! 

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