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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Most of the Top 10 Highest Spec Scripts are Box Office Bombs

Writing a movie script takes passion, persistence, and skill. Good screenwriters know how to write screenplays, plus they understand formatting protocols that drive the movie industry. Writing a spec script to sell in the open market requires luck and major talent. It is not impossible to sell a screenplay, but the odds are against most screenwriters to make this happen.

Box office bombs may cost studio executives their jobs. It seems optioning the wrong screenplay or losing out on a great script can also cause internal issues. As a screenwriter, the goal is to write a screenplay that makes money and brings notoriety to studios. If this script happens to garnish film awards, this enables the screenwriter to make their mark in Hollywood.

The top 10 highest paid spec scripts are some of the worst performing movies in the box office. The box office counts because movie studios are not in the game of losing money. No film studio wishes to overpay for a spec script that ends up on their shelf for years. Maybe this script is never developed into a movie, so paying millions for an unmade project is bad for business.

What are the 10 Highest Paid Spec Scripts:
  1. Deja Vu - $5 million
  2. The Long Kiss Goodnight - $4 million
  3. Panic Room - $4 million
  4. Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - $4 million
  5. Basic Instinct - $3 million
  6. Medicine Man - $3 million
  7. Euro Trip - $4 million
  8. The Pink Panther - $3 million
  9. Mozart and the Whale - $2.75 million
  10. A Knight's Tale - $2.5 million 

The most profitable movies on this list are Basic Instinct, Panic Room, and Talladega Nights. The worst performing movies are Mozart and the Whale, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Euro Trip.

Want to sell the next spec script to a movie studio? Here is your shot. Write an original movie that sells to the highest paying studio. Dream big on this script and maybe you will find success in Hollywood.

Source: Listverse

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