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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Write What you know

***Spoiler Alert***

***The Duplex***

I watched The Duplex movie last week. This is a good movie for aspiring authors and screenwriters to watch. Because Ben Stiller's character is an author, we see his conflicted life draw out on the silver screen. These events are especially valuable to writers, the type of authors and screenwriters who sought after writing books and movies about real stories.

"Write what you know" is what the antagonist shares in the movie ending. The old antagonist made the protagonists suffer beyond belief, which she has done to many couples to drive them crazy. Once the couples had enough, they sold their homes for cheap and left. It was a recurring theme to make money off these poor couples. 

As passionate writers, we realize the best material is made out of true events. Nonetheless, true events are always in high demand. Moviegoers crave watching movies based on true stories because they feel a connection with these characters. 

Horror movies based on true stories such as The Conjuring, The Rite, and The Possession involve evil themes which depict reality. Devil and demon themes are the epitome of evil. These unsettling topics make their way to our minds, provoking our subconscious to fear any notion of their influence. 

Write what you know. Inject your stories with real life. While you may experience unfortunate situations, these events become memorable stories that people want to watch at the movies and read in books. 

Write away! 

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