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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Create the World around you

Screenwriters possess the writing abilities to capture their wildest imagination. They create characters, special effects, scenes, inciting incidents, and a plot that drives the script to the silver screen. Millions of moviegoers anticipate watching their favorite books turned into movies. Nonetheless, comic book movies and video games are becoming massive revenue generators for movie studios. 

As a screenwriter, you have the creative freedom to write screenplays that influence the world. People from all over the world will watch actors speak your movie lines. They will see your word text translate into a visual creation. Writing movie scripts involves building a world outside of your existence.

Have you ever questioned the spirit? Wonder what happens to humans and animals who pass away? Obviously, every living human, creature and plant life have a spirit. Inject life into your screenplay. You are the spirit your screenplay needs to sustain life.

Create the world around you using originality. Write original scripts the world enjoys. Want to become the next great screenwriter in Hollywood? Write what you know best. Create a story populated with likable characters? Include a few characters the viewers despise most.

Dedicate time to write a movie script. Construct the movie script like an architect. Your movie creation is yours to enjoy. Enjoy writing the next great movie!

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