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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Screenwriting Jobs Directory: Get listed on The Screenwriting Jobs Directory

Getting listed on this The Screenwriting website can increase your screenwriting exposure. Scriptwriters visit this website to find screenwriting resources. You can land a secure a screenwriting position. I also want to become a Hollywood screenwriter. I live in Southern California. My Hollywood dream began in 1994. I earned a BA in Film & Media Studies, an AA in Film, an AA in Liberal Arts and a Master's in Public Administration.

In order to find a screenwriting job, gaining film industry exposure is the most important process. You will have to work on film projects to gain screenwriting experience. You can work on uncredited projects as a screenwriter. A former alumni who graduated at my university worked on a few projects which he never received credit on. 

However, this UCSB alumni is one of the top screenwriters in Hollywood. He is credited as the screenwriter for Rush Hour 1-3, Catch me if you Can, Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, Men in Black III and several other screenplays. He earned his English undergraduate degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. The screenwriter later attended AFI to earn a MA in Film.

For the most part, you don't need to major in film to become a great screenwriter. I took the film education route to gain experience in all aspects of film. I improved my writing abilities with preparing projects and samples. I have a strong film theory background to analyze film, enabling me to convey film in an allegorical sense as well as write screenplays to tell a simple story. There are moments when you have to write for the average moviegoer audience. 

You want to get listed on The Screenwriting website will help aspiring screenwriters accomplish their screenwriting dreams and goals. Nonetheless, you can get listed to acquire scriptwriting jobs in radio, television, short films, and feature films. 

I know how to bind a screenplay. I understand the screenplay format. I can provide good writing techniques. Whereas I never optioned a screenplay because I never submitted my work, I have written several marketable scripts that are ready to go. 

I developed this website to help other aspiring screenwriters to reach movie and television career. You can read screenwriting books, but gaining practical experience as a writer will help you reach stardom. I also run several movie websites that generate good traffic. 

Annually, 50,000 scripts reach Hollywood. Only 1-2% of those screenplays are optioned, and another 1-2% of those scripts make it into production. Hollywood is always looking creative, marketable ideas to generate revenue. Nonetheless, many of the same recurring themes surface in Hollywood movies. Sequels, remakes, comic books and television shows are developed into movies.  

I also developed as a job directory. This is another site that will deliver industry exposure to those who are looking for specific writing jobs. The Screenwriting jobs require work to expand into a competitive screenwriting website. Once screenwriters and scriptwriters begin to get listed on this website, I will contact local studios to communicate available talent. This screenwriting website will prove to be valuable to your screenwriting dream.   

I realize that screenwriting jobs are in high demand all over the world. Screenwriting is a fascinating job career with great rewards. Screenwriters and scriptwriters who work hard enough will defy the odds to become talented screenwriters and scriptwriters in the movie and film industry. If you prepare a spec script and or a high concept feature screenplay, you will attract the right industry connections to option your vision.   

Your goal as a screenwriter is to capture the attention of the script reader. The script reader is the person who will accept or reject your screenplay. Once the script reader approves your script as a possible marketable screenplay, then they will submit the script to a producer to review. We all know that producers are extremely busy. You have to make every visual and dialogue moment count in the script. The first 10 pages of your script must sell your script - they must be page turners. 

Next, you must find a good agent. I will add an agent section to this website soon. You also need to know how to format a script, understand the industry binding requirements, and build strong characters. Moviegoers enjoy watching a movie that communicates their interests. They root for the hero to win, wanting to see the guy and girl find love. Action movies are about the high speed chases, explosions, and fighting scenes. Screenwriters humanize characters in end of the world movies to win over the audience. Exorcism movies inject the fear of demonic possession into the moviegoing public.  

Choose a genre you can master. Are you a good comedian? Can you scare people? Are you poetic with visuals? Many scriptwriters tend to overdo the dialogue. Movies are based on motion pictures. Visuals hold precedence over dialogue. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean you can't write the most compelling dialogue. You have to balance visuals with dialogue. Use Final Draft to write your screenplays. I have been an avid Final Draft user since 2003. I enjoy the screenwriting software to write my screenplays.  

In the scriptwriting technique department, a common exercise that worked in film school was writing visually-motivated short films. In the script, you have to tell the story without dialogue. This exercise will strengthen your visual abilities to describe events. 

Another good exercise is to write using a good technique. Are you good with mind flashes, flash forward, flashbacks, and making a boring scene into an inspiring and memorable moment? Scene reversals are good as well. Instead of building the conflict, begin with the conflict and work backwards. Good screenwriting technique will win the script reader and producer's attention. High concept scripts on metaphysics, magic, and fairy tales are also in high demand.

Have you noticed astral projection themes in Hollywood movies lately? Consider metaphysics as a part of your script concept? Realize that every clever script you write will find attention? Enter screenwriting contests to gain exposure? 

Get listed on this website. People will see your contact information, website, and any other information you include in the listing. Why is film industry exposure important? Producers of independent films are constantly searching for great scripts. They may option your screenplay to make the next big movie blockbuster. Other studios may want you to work as a freelance scriptwriter. At $25 a month, you can manage your listing to get maximum exposure.

The more directory listings this screenwriting website attracts, the more time I will invest into preparing articles to network the website with the right people. I live 20-30 minutes from Hollywood. I own many movie websites. I focus on developing websites that have the most potential to generate traffic. 

With The Screenwriting, I will invest the time to grow this website. People are searching daily for scriptwriting jobs. Imagine the advantage you will have once I attract writing agents, movie studios, and film and television industry heads to this website. 

You can get listed as a screenwriter on The Screenwriting. People will discover that you're a great screenwriter looking for work. This will be your moment to shine. Dust off your old scripts and get them ready to go. Never arrive in Hollywood empty-handed. Have at least 5 good screenplays as well as one of your top scripts representing your bread and butter. 

I hope to see some talented scriptwriters and screenwriters get listed. If the listing is not what you expected, you can cancel at any time. I urge you to take a shot to accomplish your movie dreams. Why sit and watch another dream unfold on the silver screen, when in fact you can be a part of the making your dreams possible. 

Email me to get list here! 

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