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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Screenwriting Connections: Meeting Screenwriting Connections

Dec 2010

Want to find the right person to jump-start your screenwriting career? Today I made contact a writing connection that could improve my screenwriting goal. I never expected to meet a writing connection at a Las Salsa Mexican restaurant. Never underestimate the advantage of making screenwriting connections at restaurants. You never know when you will make the right screenwriting connection to land your first screenwriting job. 
When I first walked up to the restaurant door, a lady asked me if I wanted a soda she had purchased earlier. She claimed that she didn't drink out of the soda. A straw wrapper covered the straw tip. I declined on the drink because I had a lip injury resulting from a toothbrush, making soda and energy drinks painful to handle. I limited carbonated drinks for nearly a week. 

After entering the restaurant, I ordered a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and a small chicken taco. I exited the restaurant, and approached the lady who offered me the soda. I thanked her for offering the soda drink. She said that I could change the drink for juice, tea or any other drink at the beverage station. I accepted the drink out of her kindness. I emptied the Coke, and then filled the cup with Horchata.

While I walked away from the restaurant, the lady told me that she hoped my lip got better. I paused in my tracks, telling her that I was fatigued from writing and doing college school work. We discussed writing and college studies. 

The lady's friend heard me mention screenwriting and television writing She immediately asked me what studio I preferred to work at. I mentioned Disney, Universal Studios, and a few other movie studios. She told me that she could help me get into one of those movie studios as a screenwriter. I thought about the importance of the moment, especially since I missed out on many opportunities to previously land a movie writing job. 

I made a crucial mistake in January 2009 to leave my business cards at home. In result, I lost out on the best chance to make an excellent Hollywood screenwriting connection. The Laverne and Shirley actress Cindy Williams requested my business card while dining at Encino's Tony Romas restaurant. I left my business cards at home because I planned to send them to my younger brother to hand out to potential writing clients. I never located another screenwriting connection again.  

At the La Salsa restaurant, the two ladies and I discussed my screenwriting dream. The first lady asked me what kind of screenplays I enjoyed writing most. Essentially, the discussion helped me to land a good screenwriting connection. I shared with the lady my long-term struggles to secure film employment. 

The second lady informed me that making it as a screenwriter was near impossible because most script readers are selective on the screenplays to accept and to reject. The best way to land a good Hollywood writing job is to make reliable connections. The movie and television industry are very competitive.  

In retrospect, I accidentally bumped into two ladies at a local restaurant. Since I'm usually friendly, I enjoyed having a good conversation about my screenwriting dream. One lady gave me her business card to visit her office. She promised to help me make my screenwriting dream a reality. You never know when you'll find that perfect moment that will open doors to your dreams. I never thought I would meet a potential writing connection. I visited a nearby La Salsa Mexican restaurant to purchase a late lunch. 

The best advice I can give you is to always carry business cards with you. Try to at least have one business card per skill (i.e. graphic designs, writing, web designer, and etc). Therefore, potential connections will remember your main skill to refer you to the right people. Two years had passed since my last film connection lead slipped away. I ruined the best opportunity to land a Hollywood writing job. We all learn from our mistakes, which can help us to better prepare the next time around.

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