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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Screenwriters: James Cameron inspires screenwriters to write good movies

Does any writer inspire you to go after a writing dream? After I first watched Titanic, James Cameron's screenplay inspired me to achieve my writing goal. James Cameron writes and directs great movies.

James Cameron inspires the screenwriting world to write excellent screenplays. Screenwriters probably have bins full of movie scripts. They plan to revise their screenplays, but the lack of motivation and or writer's block delays the process. Aspiring screenwriters can find motivation in viewing past screenplays.

After watching Avatar this holiday season, I want to move into the right direction - to become a professional screenwriter. James Cameron is a great writer that inspires many screenwriters to pursue their movie dreams. Whereas there are many famous screenwriters who have written great screenplays, James Cameron deserves the most respect for writing the best inspiring screenplays.  

The movie industry realizes that James Cameron is a major asset. Titanic and Avatar are two stellar screenplays which represent the two highest grossing movies of all time. James Cameron inspires screenwriters to write great movies. 

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