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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Devil Inside movie ending: The Devil Inside movie script ends at the high point of tension

Good screenwriters understand how to engage their fans. Skilled screenwriters can hook moviegoers from beginning to the end of a movie. However, mediocre screenwriters trick their movie fans into thinking movie facts are true. They leave moviegoers hanging, unaware of the resolution. The Devil movie ending reveals bad screenwriting to resolve the theme. The Devil Inside movie script ends the movie at the high point of tension.

Moviegoers invested their time into watching The Devil Inside movie. The opening murder scene is referred to an actual 911 call. We are supposed to believe the 1989 murders are real. Once Isabella Rossi reveals to the camera she doing a documentary on her mother Maria Rossi, the story never revisits the 1989 murders again. Good screenwriting involves explaining the theme. The catalyst and or inciting incident is established rather quickly. Therefore, we believe the movie will explain the Maria Rossi exorcisms and the 1989 murders. 

The Devil Inside movie is based on the exorcism of Maria Rossi. What happened to Maria Rossi on the night of the 1989 that made her murder the exorcists and the nun? We never see evidence besides exposition in dialogue to address the murders in an exorcism gone wrong. 

Isabella Rossi visits Maria Rossi at the Centrino Hospital in Rome, Italy, an institution for the mentally insane. The backstory to relocating Maria Rossi to Italy is never explained. Why did the Church have interest in Maria Rossi? The Church rejected the request to perform an exorcism on Maria Rossi. 

Maria Rossi reveals that she is capable of clairvoyance. She mentions that Isabella aborted her baby. We never find a connection with Maria Rossi. She serves as a vehicle to advance the script, but the Maria Rossi story unravels to confuse moviegoers. If the screenwriters sought to end the movie without the last exorcism, they could have shown old videos of Maria Rossi on a video tape looking evil.

It is known that possessed people and possessed creatures enjoy watching pain and suffering. Demons usually harm the body of the possessed subject, demonstrating the control and their evil power. Maria Rossi never slices her forearm in plain sight. She shows the inverted crosses she self-mutilated on her limbs and under the lower lip.    

Demonic possessed people are subjected to demon control. The real life story of Anneliese Michel follows the young girl's path from time of possession to death. The truth to the multiple demonic possession is the destructive behavior and aggression exhibited at home. Anneliese shared that demon images appeared during prayer. She heard voices in her mind to do bad things. 

Revisiting the 1989 murders again would have closed the movie rather nicely. We can see what actually happened during the exorcism of Maria Rossi. How did Maria Rossi snap? Moviegoers could then see the priests and the nun run away from the possessed Maria Rossi. Good storytelling involves explaining the inciting incident. We want to know the source of the demonic possession and the events leading up to the murders. What voices played in Maria Rossi's mind? Who are the demons possessing Maria Rossi?

The screenwriting in The Devil Inside movie executed the plot. The high point of tension reached the top, and then just fell flat with like a bungy jump gone wrong. The Devil Inside screenwriters attempted to induce fear through playing on the Maria Rossi exorcism true story. In the end, the moviegoers leave the exorcism movie frustrated and angered. 

The reveal is supposed to represent the ultimate truth to explain a movie with flashbacks and or a moment of revelation. Screenwriters refer to the third act of the dramatic structure as the resolution. The Devil Inside movie ends at the high point of tension to avoid the resolution and the falling action. We watch Isabella, Ben and the camera guy race to save Isabella. She becomes possessed after attending the exorcism of her mother and up to the point in which David does the unthinkable. 

The film abruptly ends, displaying revealing the case is unsolved with The Rossi Files plastered on a dark black screen. Horrible screenwriting turned a possibly good movie into a box office disaster. The Devil Inside generated $34.5 million in the first weekend in release. However, the exorcism movie spiraled downward to make a meager $7.2 million to place seventh in the second box office weekend. 

The Devil Inside exorcism movie will likely miss the $100 million dollar blockbuster mark. Why? Bad screenwriting destroyed The Devil Inside movie. Bad word of mouth among moviegoers resulted in poor execution in the script. Good screenwriters understand the importance in closing the screenplay with a resolution. Even The Blair Witch Project ends with one of the main characters facing a dark wall. We learn the Blair Witch is indeed real.  The Devil Inside ends with a poor ending to cheat moviegoers of a good resolution. 

Watch The Devil Inside movie at your own risk. Better yet, visit to read articles about The Devil Inside movie, and then go to The Rossi Files to investigate the real facts.  

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